with Patrick Mitchell, Certified MBSR Teacher                              Upcoming Course (REGISTRATION OPEN): Sundays May 16 – July 4, 2021

Mindfulness is an alert, non-judgmental, and warm-hearted way of being. It can help you manage stress and develop presence, calm and joy in your life. This 8-week immersion in mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, and stress reduction is delivered live via ZOOM and includes seven 2-hour classes and a 5-hour mini retreat. We’ll form a caring practice community with skillful encouragement and accountability to support your growth. To support self-practice between classes, you will receive a practice manual (pdf) and set of guided meditation audios (mp3). Daily practice is strongly encouraged.

This 8-week course is designed to help you:
– calm the nervous system
– develop self-awareness
– develop compassion for self & others
– develop appreciation and gratitude
– integrate mindfulness into your daily life

Through regular practice of mindfulness meditation and other proven techniques over eight sessions, you will develop coping skills and healthier responses to the situations that you face. Learn healthy responses to issues including:
– worry, anxiety, fear
– sadness, depression, grief
– frustration, anger, negativity
– physical pain, tension, illness
– repetitive thoughts, poor concentration
Yet the value of mindfulness is by no means limited to stress management; it can bring much richness, appreciation, and joy to the full spectrum of your life experience.

“Very very helpful. I feel more grounded now and less affected by stressful moments.” – Mariko MJ., MBSR course, Tokyo

【Course Contents】
✅  Gentle Smile
✅  Mindful Breathing
✅  Mindfulness of Body Sensation
✅  Body Scan Meditation
✅  Mindful Walking
✅  Working with Physical Discomfort
✅  Gentle Stretching & Mindful Yoga
✅  Gratitude Meditation
✅  Lovingkindness Meditation: Compassion for Self & Others
✅  5-hour mini-retreat: a flowing sequence of practices learned in the program, practiced mainly in silence, to develop sustained attention.
✅  Working with Thoughts & Emotions
✅  Mindful Communication

During each activity, we gently investigate our inner experience as it unfolds from moment to moment. We may find this to be pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. No matter what the experience is, we have the option of being present with it. Mindfulness is a kind of laboratory in which we see things as they are; we are not trying to achieve any particular state.

In between weekly classes, you’ll experience the benefits of mindfulness through daily self-practice assignments. These “homework” assignments are tailored to each participant and supported by guided meditation audios. Then in the following week’s class we discuss our self-practice.

【Around the world, participants in 8-week mindfulness programs report:】
– Increasing ability to relax
– Improved self-esteem & self-control
– Deepened empathy & social harmony
– Increasing emotional well-being
– Greater enthusiasm & appreciation for life
– Improved physical health & pain reduction
– Mental clarity, improved concentration
– Growing contentment & positivity

– Sunday, May 16, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, May 23, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, May 30, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, June 6, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, June 13, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, June 20, 10am-3pm* (5 hrs)*
– Sunday, June 27, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– Sunday, July 4, 10am-12pm (2 hrs)
– By appointment in the week before course starts. Approximately 30 mins on Zoom.

【This course is open to:】
– Adults of any fitness level; those with limited mobility or injury are welcome
– Those who want to start a mindfulness meditation practice
– Those who want to deepen their current meditation practice
– Those who want to integrate mindful awareness with daily life

【Tuition: 50,000 yen】
【Tuition for course graduates: 35,000 yen】

“The class was very clear. I understood that even if my focus runs down or my mind wanders away, the practice of ‘coming back’ is key.” – Mindfulness workshop participant, Tokyo

【About the Instructor】
Patrick Mitchell, M.A., Certified MBSR Teacher

Patrick is certified by the Center for Mindfulness (Brown University) to teach MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). He began his mindfulness teacher training in 2005 with Drs. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, and completed 4 teacher training intensives through the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts. 

Patrick began teaching corporate mindfulness and wellness workshops in Japan in 2009. He began practicing vipassana meditation in 2001 and has attended insight meditation retreats in Burma, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Canada, and the US. He is strongly committed to the discipline & joys of daily meditation practice.

“Patrick showed us how to be calm, positive, curious, honest, sometimes funny, and mindful through the course. Thank you very much!” – Mayumi K., MBSR course, Kanazawa

【How to Apply】
If you are interested in joining this 8-Week Mindfulness Online Course:
1. Contact Patrick at tokyostressreduction@gmail.com to receive and fill out a course application.
2. Receive ZOOM link to the free orientation session (by appointment in the week before course starts. Approximately 30 mins).
3. Pay course tuition.
4. Receive Practice Manual (pdf) and guided meditation recordings (mp3).
5. Course begins on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

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