Healthy Lifestyle

Health is a state of balance or wholeness. It requires that we take care of all parts of ourselves, in all our different roles and activities. In order to minimize stress we need to address the following interrelated areas:


Physical Health including exercise, healthy diet, sufficient water intake, quality sleep, clean air, and time in nature. Our own physical health is dependent upon environmental and global health.

Mental Health including positive self-talk, attitudes, and mental imagery; use of the intellect for higher thinking, learning, and creativity; and curiosity about our own thoughts, motivations, and behavior.

Emotional Health including feelings of inner strength, self-love, and self-control; ability to cope despite strong positive or negative feeling; and the ability to laugh, play, and enjoy life.

Spiritual Health: feeling connected rather than alone, no matter what the outer circumstance appears to be; feeling in touch with the body’s inner stillness and knowing, and with the nurturing embrace of the Universe/Divine. Asking meaningful questions (eg. “Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going?”), and exploring the answers given by spiritual masters through the ages.

Social Health: communicating well with our friends, family, and colleagues, as well as with strangers, difficult people, and even “enemies”. Knowing how to balance social time with solitude; and how to love and be loved appropriately. At the highest levels, we are able to love others unconditionally.

Occupational Health: choosing a line of work that is fulfilling, in harmony with others, and sustainable. Occupational integrity and fulfillment are sources of true wealth.

Material and Financial Health: having the means to do the things we need for our health and happiness. At the basic level we can be content with very little; but we may also work toward material abundance. At the highest levels we are independently wealthy and do not rely on further income. Moreover, we share our wealth with those who are in need.