Leigh Brasington Meditation Retreat Japan 2012

Mr. Leigh Brasington will conduct a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Japan, September 28th- October 9th, 2012. After having taught retreats in many countries, this will be Leigh`s first retreat in (and visit to!) Japan. We are privileged to receive these high-level theravadan Buddhist teachings in a location so easily accessible to Tokyo.

Location: Hinata Fureai Gakushu Center near Isehara City in Kanagawa Prefecture (about 50km from Tokyo). This rustic and cozy venue is nestled in a quiet, densely-treed mountain valley at the foot of Oyama Mountain, alongside freshwater streams. The region is excellent for hiking, onsen (hot spring baths) and historic Buddhist temple visits.

Teaching: The Jhanas, commonly called the meditative absorptions, are eight altered states of consciousness which can arise during periods of strong concentration.  Their principle use in Buddhist meditation is to generate ever increasing levels of concentration, so that later when the meditative mind is turned to a wisdom practice, it can do that practice with far less distraction.  This retreat will emphasize the teaching of this technique and will be held in Noble Silence with sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, and personal interviews. There will also be an optional yoga session daily.

Language: Leigh will teach in English and this will be translated on the spot for Japanese-speaking participants.

Food: Healthy, delicious, and simple local/organic vegetarian cuisine with a variety of Western and Japanese flavors

Cost: 80,000 Japanese Yen

Leigh Brasington`s website: http://www.leighb.com/

Contact: Patrick Mitchell to apply for the course and for more information. tokyostressreduction@gmail.com

Testimonial: “Over a period of about 20 years I sat seven 10 day vipassana courses taught by assistant teachers of Goenka. Over the same period I explored some other meditation practices and allied teachings.  It was not until I sat with Leigh that my practice really ‘took off’, largely due to the individualized attention he gives each of his students.  As well as teaching the Jhanas, he prescribes practices which suit the progress of each person. Leigh is an excellent teacher of Buddhism, often funny and deeply inspiring. After 6 retreats with him, I continue to learn huge amounts each time I sit with him. He has told me that students of Goenka are well prepared for the teaching he does. If you are looking for progress on the path, I strongly recommend attending one of his retreats.  You can find out a whole lot more about his work by visiting his website.” Kay Costley-White

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