Mindfulness Meditation Retreat December 2016

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat December 22-26, 2016

This 3-day silent retreat (4 nights, 5 days total) is an opportunity to deepen mindfulness in a quiet, natural setting. The retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.


Instruction in mindfulness meditation. Our formal practice will be alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. There will be evening talks on mindful living, personal interviews with the teacher, and optional mindful yoga sessions. We will develop compassion through lovingkindness (metta) meditation.

Beginners to meditation will be given progressive instruction and individualized guidance. Experienced meditators will find the daily schedule and atmosphere supportive of focused practice. All will be guided in developing self-awareness, concentration, and kindness by a skilled and friendly teacher. mindfulness-retreat-schedule-dec22-26-2016-e-j

Noble Silence:

Most of the retreat will be carried out in noble silence. After dinner on our first night, we will give up social conversation, gestures, and communication for three full days. Beyond necessary speech such as discussion with the teacher, we agree to keep externally silent so that we can come into greater intimacy with our body, heart, and mind in the present moment.

We will also give up our mobile phones and devices, reading and writing materials so that we can maintain undivided attention on our mindfulness practice for three full days. The concentration and awareness that we gain can then be carried across all retreat activities.

By living mindfully in a simple environment with minimal distractions, we come to know ourselves better. The experience can be deeply nurturing, healing, and refreshing.


Hinata Fureai Gakushu Center near Isehara City in Kanagawa Prefecture (about 50km west of Tokyo). This rustic venue is nestled in a quiet, densely-treed mountain valley at the foot of Oyama Mountain, alongside freshwater streams. The area is lovely for hiking, onsen, and historic temple visits. Shared dorm-style accommodation.






All meditation instructions, talks, and interviews will be translated and fully bilingual English-Japanese. Manager/Interpreter: Yoriko Matsumoto.


Mindful eating in noble silence. Quality vegetarian food for calm mind and body. Food Preparation: Nobuko Yamashita.



Please download & fill out the application form (Word doc:) mindfulness-meditation-retreat-dec2016applicationw, (PDF:) mindfulness-meditation-retreat-dec2016applicationp, and email to Patrick at tokyostressreduction@gmail.com

Retreat Cost:

78,000 yen including accommodation and all meals. After your application form has been reviewed, we will send you payment details.


Patrick Mitchell began attending residential meditation retreats in 1996 with teacher Alan Clements, and sitting 10-day vipassana retreats with S.N. Goenka’s assistant teachers in 2001. He has since participated in many insight meditation retreats in India, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, and Canada. Patrick completed an M.A. in Contemplative Education in 2007, and attended Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainings in 2005 and 2008. He has been teaching mindfulness in Japan since 2009.