MBSR Teacher Training in Japan

Update, March 2016:

Over the past year I have been in communication with Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt of the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA) regarding organizing a professional MBSR teacher training in Japan, starting in November 2016.


Recently, I met with Dr. Lehrhaupt in Kyoto to discuss how organizing and recruiting were coming along. I had been taking steps to network, promote and secure venues for the 14-month certification course, but finally, the IMA decided that there simply weren’t enough applicants in Japan to support running the program at this time. So the MBSR teacher training in November 2016 has been cancelled. This is a pity as it would have been a great learning experience for all of us; the two IMA mentors I have been working with for 6+ months have been truly excellent. Thank you to those who sent in applications, and those who made inquiries.


On a lighter note, I can say that there is a growing interest in MBSR teacher training in other Asian countries, and the UMass Center for Mindfulness (CFM) has begun offering programs in China. I believe fall 2011 was the first year Jon Kabat-Zinn was in Beijing for MBSR training; 250 participants showed up for one of the courses.


So we will either have to wait longer for MBSR TT in Japan, or travel out of country.


In the meantime, more and more practice and teaching.