Patrick – Seating Meditation (1)

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo 5/18/2014. Gabriel set up the camera and I sat for 60mins, passing through a typical routine (breathing awareness 5-10mins, body scan 25mins, and heart-centered meditation 25mins). A few observations:

代々木公園 , 東京,2014年5月18日
ガブリエルがカメラをセットし、 僕はいつもの手順で60分座った。(意識した呼吸法 5〜10分、ボディースキャン25分、心に意識を集中した瞑想25分)。いくつか気づ­いたこと:

Sound: Voices, drums, beer cans cracking open. Rustling leaves, fountain noise, and birdsong. There was a trio of English speakers on the bench to my right (off camera) and I took a liking to them… not that I was spying, but I couldn’t help hearing their comments on a range of topics. Overall I felt quite transparent and permeable to the sounds around me, like I was participating in a day at the park with so many others.

音:  声、太鼓、ビールの缶を開ける音、葉っぱのカサカサという音、噴水、鳥のさえずり。 右手のベンチに英語で話をしている3人の人がいて、興味をそそられた。 詮索するつもりはなかったけれど、様々な話題について話すのを聞かずにはいられなかっ­た。全体的に、自分が透明で音が自分を通過して行くように思えた。まるで、公園で起き­ている色々なことに参加しているかのようだった。

Sensation: Breeze on skin, sometimes carrying a fine, cool spray from the nearby fountain. Tickle of a tiny insect moving on forehead at the hairline (I let it be), and the shock of a good-sized insect hitting left cheek (I reflexively jerked to brush it away). Sit bones on the hard bench. Frequent micro-adjustments to counteract gravity: lifting chin or chest a few millimeters.

感覚: 肌をなでるそよ風、時々、近くの噴水から細かくて涼しい水滴が風にのって運ばれて来た­。小さな虫が額の髪の生え際あたりを這っている感じ(そのままにしておいた)。けっこ­う大きい虫が飛んで来て左のほほにぶつかったときの衝撃(反射的に払いのけた)。堅い­ベンチに触れる坐骨結節。しょちゅうしなくてはならなかった重力に対してのわずかな調­整:ほおや胸を数ミリ引き上げる

Thought & Attention: Throughout the hour my focus constantly shifted between the meditation anchors and the spontaneous stimuli. Thoughts weren’t too distracting this day (now recall “I hope they won’t light cigarettes” and “about 50 minutes have passed”). However my concentration was pretty lax, so I didn`t get far into the compassion meditation. It was more of a relaxing, spacey experience this time. In other words it felt good, but my mind was too sluggish to do any real inquiry or transpersonal work.


Amazing video production by Gabriel Zobo-Lebay

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