“What an impact mindfulness has on “smoothing” the peaks, especially in tough, stressful situations. I now see it as “waves” and can calm down quicker, less emotionally, less stressed. Hoping for a follow-up course!”

Ann-Katrin v.S., MBSR course, Tokyo, spring 2017

“Mindfulness is useful not only for my own mood but also for my kindness to others.  Your gentle voice and smile made me feel relieved. Thank you for listening to me patiently.”

Yuri S., MBSR course, Tokyo, spring 2017

“On a personal note, the reminder to be kind and loving toward ourselves struck me on a deep level. I have struggled with depression and rumination for a number of years. While not serious clinically, it is still disruptive to a more fulfilling, active life. With our daily practices I feel more able to accept myself and my thoughts. I am still not able to let go of them all the time, but from time to time I feel more at peace with myself and who I am. Thank you for this.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, spring 2017

What were the most valuable things you learned about yourself through practicing mindfulness?

“Most of my thoughts and behaviors are coming from habit and they are changeable!”

Mayumi K., MBSR course, Kanazawa, spring 2017

“Thank you very much for showing me a new world! To breathe and experience present moment is all I need to do for peace. I’ll share this with my family.”

Tamie N., MBSR course, Kanazawa, spring 2017

What specific changes have you noticed?

“Calming of mind- definitely improved calmness after practicing.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, winter 2017

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and felt a bit confused, but at the end many things made sense and I feel that the course was very valuable, providing me great experience, which I couldn’t have learned just by reading books on mindfulness.”

Rika O., MBSR course, Tokyo, winter 2017 

“Your consistent reminder of the practice helped to let it sink in over time.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, fall 2016

“I am more aware of where I feel discomfort & the kinds of sensations I feel. The discomfort I feel doesn’t own me. I am not defined by my discomfort as I can feel peace elsewhere. ”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, fall 2016

“Keep the good work going. THANKS!”

Garis L., MBSR course, Tokyo, fall 2016 

“I am able to make mindfulness practices a habit in my daily life which leads to a lot of changes and growth.”

Hesugi A., MBSR course, Tokyo, fall 2016 

What specific changes have you noticed?

“I have been able to deal with/handle stressful situations by being aware and knowing that it is just another stressful event.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, fall 2016

“This course met totally my key expectations, and more in the form of many powerful discoveries.”

Ludovic de B., MBSR course, Tokyo, fall 2016 

“I enjoyed the course. I appreciated the amount of ‘me time’ it gave me.”

Matt B., MBSR course, Tokyo, spring 2016 

“Great course. Thoroughly enjoyable and productive way to spend eight Sunday mornings. I embarked on the course hoping to come away with some relaxation techniques to counter the everyday stress of big city life. What I came away with was a deeper understanding of mindfulness as a tool for living. I now have a very effective ‘beginners’ toolkit to help me relax and go further by understanding and dealing with the causes of my life stress at its source.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, winter 2016

“I realized the importance of slowing down more, and how to better anchor myself in stressful situations.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, winter 2016

“Course met and exceeded my expectations.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, winter 2016

“I feel more connected with myself, people, life than I have in years. Feel more whole and grounded.”

MBSR course participant, Tokyo, winter 2016

“Excellent course. Very well designed and executed. Very well facilitated by Patrick, who embodied all the elements of mindfulness. An excellent teacher!”

Jonathan J., MBSR course, Tokyo, fall 2015 

“Excellent. Difficult. Course was surprisingly diverse. I’m grateful for this chance to get to know myself better, and to become more aware and more open to the possibilities of acceptance.”

David S., MBSR course, Tokyo, fall 2015 

“Very useful in my daily work.”
“Very good trainer.”
“Thank you for the valuable seminar. Hope to have it again.”

Workshop participants, Financial Industry, Tokyo, 2015 

Re: Body Scan

“It works and I put it in my skills for panic attack. When I have strong anxiety with shallow breathing, it brings me to center in myself.”

Aya M., Stress Reduction & Wellness Program, Tokyo, spring 2015

“My biggest learning from this course is to distinguish emotions from thought and body sensation.”

Sylvie B., Stress Reduction & Wellness Program, Tokyo, spring 2015

“I am less reactive with my family. I don’t take things so personally. I am not trying to change my family, but letting them be- as I let myself be.”

Kate M., Stress Reduction & Wellness Program, Tokyo, spring 2015

“I can be with myself, alone and not being lonely.”

Stress Reduction & Wellness Program participant, Tokyo, winter 2015

“Thank you for an enlightening 8-weeks. I enjoyed the Stress Reduction & Wellness Program classes immensely, and each week more than the previous one…”

Phyllis E., Stress Reduction & Wellness Program, Tokyo, winter 2015 

“Thanks very much for guiding this course for the past 8 weeks. This was a fantastic opportunity for me and Susan to know more about ourselves and enabled us to enjoy better quality in our family life.”

Manabu S., Stress Reduction & Wellness Program, Tokyo, winter 2015 

“While attending Patrick’s class I have discovered that no matter how stressed, anxious, or fearful I may be, there is another being inside me that doesn’t know any of those feelings. I have come to realize that I can directly access a space within myself where there is stillness and peace. I leave each class relaxed, refreshed, and centered, and I try to carry on that feeling all week long.  Hopefully, being able to put a little distance between my stress and I is making me a better person.”

Sophie N., TELL Stressless Sundays, Tokyo, 2012

“Through my participation in Patrick’s class, I have experienced an improvement in my ability to slow down and be present in my life. My sleep quality has improved and I’ve regained an appreciation for my physical body and what it is capable of. This class gave me the opportunity to stop and take a look at how I mentally and physically respond to my environment and helped me recognize that I can be mindful in my response. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this style of class when I did, especially as I prepare our family for (yet another) international move. I look forward to continuing this type of practice and am truly appreciative to have had such a thoughtful introduction to mindfulness through attending Stressless Sundays. Thank you Patrick!”

Sarah J., TELL Stressless Sundays, Tokyo, 2012

“I would like to thank you for running the Mindfulness Meditation sessions. I find them a small space of tranquility away from the tensions and stresses of urban life. The relaxation they provide has palpable benefits to both body and mind. They refresh and invigorate. I would recommend them to anyone who lives in this metropolis. They act as the perfect antidote.”

David P., TELL workshop,  Tokyo, 2010